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Welcome to TRT COMICS!

A real superhero, the DOHLE, watches over SCHNEPFENBURG.

Unfortunately, it is usually just somewhere else.

So follow the adventures of DR. VIELGUT and his colleagues.

About the Creators of TRT Comics

D. Fischer
As quite old, as a now old fool I like to devote myself to transience, i.e. to beauty. Because everything beautiful is ephemeral. Or as Oscar Wilde once put it so beautifully in a nutshell: "The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it."

N. Gericke
Often driven restlessly, I strive Faustianly towards eternity, which lies in the image of beauty. Through the image, everything beautiful appears forever trapped in a moment of calm. "The mediator of the inexpressible is the work of art", Goethe would tell us.



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So far, only our #1 has been printed as piccolo format in an limited edition of 500.

Please note that our issue is currently only available in German.


The booklet is available for €2.90 in selected comic shops and at some comic fairs.

If you meet our artist when you make your purchase, a free drawing is even included with the booklet.



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Enter our Gallery by clicking on the link below.


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